Health insurance quotes after marriage

Marriage and health insurance

According to the Pew Research Center’s analysis of the Census data, only 51% of adult Americans are married. More people now either live on their own or cohabit than at any time during the last century. This means more people are thinking carefully about whether marriage is the right step. The question of health insurance is a major factor because, as an individual, it is one of the bigger bills. Combining the policies can represent a saving. The statistics tend to show people enjoy good health in the first years of marriage. Couples also tend to live longer. So, depending on the coverage, a joint policy and, later, a family policy makes economic sense when children are anticipated. The problem is that some insurers subsidize the individual premium rates. With their combined incomes, couples do not qualify for subsidies and so can end up paying a lot more.

Comparing individual plans

The first step for couple is to compare the existing plans to see which one offers the better cover. In this, do not simply compare the premium rates. You should look at the detail of what each plans covers, particularly reviewing the level of co-payments. To help understand the situation, get family health insurance quotes from both companies. Then shop around using this site for more quotes. The more options you can explore the better your chances of finding a joint policy where there are savings.

Employer plans

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 allows family members and some dependents the chance to join an employer’s plan when circumstances change. Marriage always creates the option. If both spouses have their own employer-provided plans, they would have the chance of one joining the other. There is a slight element of risk in this if they have separate employers. Combining cover means loss of that job can leave both parties without cover. The spouses would have to look at the terms of the other employer’s plan to see whether it is possible to rejoin. If one loses their job, the other continues in the plan and, depending on the terms of that plan, the spouse might be allowed to join as a dependent. If both jobs are lost, there is temporary cover using COBRA and then it is back to the private sector with health insurance quotes from all the major companies.