Health insurance quotes explained

Why insure?

The last twenty years has seen an explosion in healthcare costs. Now the bills for the simplest treatment in a hospital or clinic come with their own health warning for shock. It comes down to a simple choice. If you can find affordable cover, health insurance can keep you healthy and avoid bankruptcy. If insurance is outside your budget, you may qualify for Medicaid. Otherwise, you must wait until the health problem qualifies as an emergency and gets you into an ER. Often this means you are risking your health.

Why shop around?

Insurance companies have different ways of assessing the risks. This means there can be real differences in the extent of the coverage on offer and the premium rates. Unless and until you survey the market, getting health insurance quotes from as many of the insurers as possible, you cannot find the affordable policies.

Health insurance quote forms

To be able to give you a general quote, the insurance companies must know a little about you. You will therefore be asked for basic information about who you are, what work you do, what health problems you may have, and so on. There are also choices about the extent of the coverage you are looking for. With this information, an insurer can give you a standard quote, i.e. a general indication of what the premium rate will be for the type of policy you need.

What is a customized health insurance quote?

Although people fall into broad groupings, there are always little differences that make you an individual. To reflect this, some insurers collect more information about you so that the quote that comes to you is tailored to your needs. The idea is to give you the maximum number of options for your health needs balanced against your income and savings. For these purposes, you often need to talk with an agent or complete a much more comprehensive online form.

What should you think about?

Before you ask for health insurance quotes, think about your lifestyle. Do you still smoke, drink a lot of alcohol, eat too much unhealthy food? These factors can increase your premium rates. Then consider what cover you want. Just health for you as an individual or a family, does it include dental, and so on. Finally, think about what deduction and co-payments you can afford.